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Instant Buttons is an app that allows you to hear the sounds from some of the most famous online memes (Falcon Punch, Khaan, Rimshot, This is Sparta, Nyan, Chuck Testa, Mudkip, Harlem Shake...), phrases from iconic television shows (Big Bang Theory, Community, South Park, Lost, Adventure Time...), legendary phrases from famous video games (Age Of Empires, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Slug, Star Fox, Unreal, Counter Strike, TES IV: Skyrim, League Of Legends, Street Fighter, Diablo...), or quotes from very well known movies (Harry Potter, Terminator, Saw, Kill Bill, Batman, Rocky...).

In total we're talking about a bit more than 350 buttons with their corresponding sounds. You just have to open the app and tap on the screen, though you can also create a widget using any of the buttons in order to put them directly on the desktop of your Android device.

Instant Buttons is without a doubt the best 'sound button' app that you will find for Android operating systems. Not only does it offer a crazy amount of sounds, but it also offers features like a system of favorites that make it even easier to use.

Requires Android 2.3 or later

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